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Doctor Triple O - EtherealMinds
Doctor Triple O - website
Doctor Triple O - EtherealMinds

Doctor Triple O

Doctor Triple O

For Doctor Triple O, we developed a professional website and crafted a distinctive logo to enhance their online presence.

We also produced an introductory video and managed their social media accounts to increase engagement.

We uploaded their podcasts to YouTube and created engaging reels to promote these podcasts, effectively raising their visibility on social media.

This strategy helped to expand their audience and solidify Doctor Triple O’s reputation in the healthcare community.

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Fantastic Wellness Center - EtherealMinds

Fantastic Wellness Center

Fantastic Wellness Center

For Fantastic Wellness Center, we took a holistic approach to enhance their digital presence.

We managed their social media profiles to engage with the community and increase visibility. Our team produced engaging short videos, sharing wellness tips and center highlights, effectively attracting a wider audience.

We developed a strong branding strategy that resonated with their wellness philosophy, ensuring consistency across all platforms. Additionally, we implemented social media SEO techniques to improve searchability and reach.

This comprehensive strategy significantly boosted Fantastic Wellness Center’s online engagement, making it a go-to resource for wellness enthusiasts.

Fantastic Wellness Center`s Socials

Fantastic Wellness Center - EtherealMinds

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Client #1


We introduced DotaMedicos to the online world with a modern, user-friendly storefront that makes shopping simple and enjoyable. We enhanced their website with interesting, relevant blog content and started a well-crafted advertising campaign. These efforts significantly increased both sales and customer interaction.

Client #2

Andes Surf Shop

We developed a dynamic, user-friendly website for Andes Surf Shop that attracts surf enthusiasts and makes it easy for them to make purchases. Our engaging, informative blog content keeps visitors returning, which significantly boosts web traffic, increases sales, and raises the number of bookings for their surf lesson services.

MPC - etherealMinds
Client #3

Millionaire Pig Club

For Millionaire Pig Club’s unique NFT collection, our team provided top-notch graphic design services. We meticulously designed each NFT with precision to ensure it reflects the club’s goals and vision. Our priority was to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also align seamlessly with the distinct brand identity of Millionaire Pig Club.

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